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About Me

I help leaders make their innovative visions a reality! 

I am passionate about helping leaders and scale-ups come to creative solutions, bring their products to market in a focused way, develop a culture of trust, grow, and innovate. 


I combine coaching, mentoring, and leveraging technology to bring out the best in individuals, teams, and the organization. 


As a behavioral scientist, I bring the strengths of scientific knowledge into your organization in a user-friendly, empowering, and fun way.  

Ellie Kazemi Side Profile

My Experiences

I have worked on several large nationwide multidisciplinary projects such as FEMA (with Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation) and NASA ( with Autonomy Center for STEAM) and served as the Chief Science Officer of an accreditation organization (BHCOE). I currently advise several innovative technology start-ups and behavioral health organizations looking to cultivate a culture of trust and growth.

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